Retail stores are a vital component of everyday life for many Southern Californians, whether we are going to buy groceries, purchase a gift for our child’s birthday, or add to our wardrobe. Most trips to retail stores are without incident. However, management can be careless and accidentally put customers in harm’s way either inside or in the parking lot. If this has happened to you or someone you love, contact us at Salamati Law. We have the knowledge and experience to fight for the largest damages awards– so you can rebuild your life.

Typical Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Many retail slip and fall accidents are caused by slick surfaces. Here are the most common causes as seen by experienced Los Angeles retail slip and fall accident lawyers:

  • A freshly mopped floor
  • A large spill such as a carton of milk or a container of vegetable oil
  • A leak from an air conditioner, freezer, or refrigerator
  • Moisture that has accumulated due to rainy weather

Do I Have Grounds for a Slip and Fall in Store Lawsuit?

Property owners are not obligated to prevent their floors from ever becoming slick. However, they are required to act within a reasonable amount of time to either prevent, remove, block off, or clearly warn about it. For example, after mopping the floor, many stores will usually place signs– notifying customers that it is still wet. When a large spill occurs, the store will often attempt to remove it immediately.

However, before its removal, the property manager or owner needs to ensure that its customers either do not enter that area– by blocking it off– or at the very least, placing clear signage. Similarly, with a leak coming from an air conditioner, freezer, or refrigerator, they may not be able to fix it immediately. Again, they can take the same measure listed above to ensure everyone’s safety.

On rainy days, shopping malls with many customers entering and exiting will often experience slick floors– caused by patrons tracking in the moisture. The mall’s owner or property manager cannot control the weather. However, they can ensure that reasonable measures are taken to keep patrons safe, such as placing rubber mats or wiping the surface regularly.

What Types of Injuries do These Accidents Cause?

Injuries resulting from these types of accidents in retail stores can range from mild to serious, to life-changing, to fatal, and include the following:

How Can a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Benefit Me?

While the legal system cannot undo your accident, it does enable injured victims to achieve justice through financial compensation. Individuals who are seriously injured in stores or parking lot falls can experience extensive physical, emotional, and financial trauma. Some of the common types of damages that you may pursue– include the following:

What to do Following a Slip and Fall Accident

Taking the proper steps in the immediate aftermath of your slip and fall accident may help maximize the amount of financial compensation you ultimately receive. Below are some steps that may help in this regard:

  • Inform the store manager and file a report
  • Take pictures of the area surrounding your fall
  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Scan the area to see if there are any security cameras, and if so, take a picture of them, as your Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer may be able to access surveillance footage that proves what happened
  • Document the name and title of any store employees who you communicate with
  • Ask if any employees or customers witnessed any part of your accident. If so, jot down their name, address, and phone number.
  • Document and save all of your medical records

At Salamati Law, we strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible to learn your legal rights and obtain an estimate of how much your claim may be worth.

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