Medical Malpractice Class Action Lawsuit Settlement


Medical Facility Hired Fake Doctor

Disputed Liability Motorcycle Accident Settlement


Motorcyclist Struck by Car, Liability Disputed

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Settlement


Biker Struck by Car

Trip and Fall In Park Settlement


Young Boy Trips in Park

Trip and Fall in Parking Lot


Elderly Plaintiff Tripped and Fell in Parking Lot

Motorcycle TBI Lawsuit Settlement


Truck Cuts off Harley Rider

Hospital Trip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement


Trip and Fall in Hospital Lobby, Liability Disputed

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement


Pedestrian in Store Hit By Truck

Auto v. Auto Accident with Pre-Existing Injury


Auto vs Auto Accident with Pre-Existing Back Injury

Auto v. Auto Liability Disputed


Auto vs Auto Accident Liability Disputed

Wet Floor Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement


Thorough Investigation Results in Substantial Settlement

Auto v. Auto Lawsuit Settlement


Auto vs Auto Accident Required Multiple Surgeries

Fast Food Chain Slip and Fall Settlement


Child seriously injured at popular fast food chain

Premises Liability Settlement


Slip and Fall Requires Surgery

Hip Fracture Lawsuit Settlement


Slip and Fall in Apartment Complex

LAX Car Crash Settlement


Airport Shuttle Drive Runs Red Light

Truck Accident Settlement


Truck Rear Ended, Driver Fractures Neck

T-Bone Collision Settlement


Elderly Woman Loses Her Independence

Retailer Slip and Fall Settlement


Plaintiff Suffers Knee Fracture

Shopping Center Fall Settlement


Knee Replacement Recommended

Dog Bite Settlement


Young Boy Attacked, Disfigured

Restaurant Trip and Fall 


Patron Requires Surgery After Fall

Slip and Fall on Wet Floor Caused Fractured Ankle


Slip and Fall Disputed Liability

Motorcycle Accident Injury Settlement


Broken Leg, Surgery Needed

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Settlement


Cyclist Wins Bad Faith Claim

Motorcycle Struck By Car


Fight Over Motorcycle Crash Insurance Payout

Car Accident Trial Verdict


Car Crash Victim Wins Trial