Premises liability law governs accidents on private or public property where the owner or property manager failed to take reasonable precautions to keep the grounds free of dangerous conditions.

When you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident in California, it’s in your best interest to seek legal counsel right away. Victims may be eligible to file a lawsuit for compensation, but there are deadlines and procedural requirements in place. At Salamati Law, we help individuals secure the money damages they deserve for medical expenses, lost wages and loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering.

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Important statutes of limitation for premises liability claims

In California, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit for personal injury compensation. This is known as the statute of limitations. There are extenuating circumstances, however, where the statute of limitations can be tolled.  If you are under the age of 18 at the time, or if the defendant is out of California for an indefinite period, you may have additional time to take legal action.

Another notable caveat is relevant when filing claims against a government entity. For example, you fell and broke your ankle on a recently mopped floor at the DMV. There were no “wet floor” indicators anywhere, and you had no way of anticipating the danger. If the accident took place on this type of property, your attorney must file a “notice of claim” no later than 6 months.

Initial steps to take after a slip and fall incident

The success of your lawsuit will largely depend on two factors: your choice of personal injury attorney, and the actions you take in the immediate aftermath.

Improve the odds of achieving a favorable outcome by taking these measures:

  1. Report the fall to the property owner or manager right away
  2. If the accident took place at a mall or commercial premises, complete the official accident report and keep a copy
  3. If any bystanders witnessed your fall, ask for their contact information
  4. Take photos and video, if possible, of where the accident took place
  5. Go to the urgent care clinic/ ER for prompt evaluation
  6. Tell the physician how the accident happened
  7. Follow through on all medical appointments
  8. Keep records of your medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses
  9. Do not provide insurance adjusters a recorded statement without legal counsel
  10. Book a consultation with a personal injury lawyer

Elements you must prove to recover compensation

Next, a claimant must demonstrate the following elements to recover compensation:

  • The defendant occupied, leased, owned or managed the property
  • The defendant owed a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors, guests, and patrons
  • The defendant knew or should have reasonably known about a hazardous condition
  • The dangerous condition (uneven payment, slippery floor, torn carpeting, etc.) existed
  • The plaintiff was physically injured and suffered actual damages in a slip and fall accident
  • The defendant’s negligence was a factor in the plaintiff’s injuries

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