One of the great things about living in Long Beach is our city’s bus system. The MTA makes getting to where you need to go not only convenient but comfortable as well.

Yet, while most bus trips are safe and pleasant, too many times, they end up causing physical injuries, emotional trauma, and even worse. One study found that more than 60,000 busses a year are involved in roadway accidents.

Like any major public safety problem, bus accidents can stem from a number of causes. Not all of them are due to the transportation company’s negligence.

But this fact alone does not release the MTA from its higher duty to protect its passengers. 

At the same time, the MTA, like other bus services, is a powerful organization committed to protecting its interests.

This can leave accident victims feeling alone and helpless. What do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

The answer is simple. Get in touch with the Salamati Law Firm today. We’re here to help.

Long Beach bus accident lawyers

As a leading Los Angeles bus accident attorney firm, we keep a close eye on the world of public transportation. Here are some troubling trends we’ve noticed in recent years:

  • All too often, bus drivers are overworked and overstressed: A 2012 report released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that driver fatigue contributes to more than 30,000 injury-causing bus crashes each year.
  • The problem of unsafe buses extends across the transportation industry: For example, in 2018, a jury in Dallas, TX, awarded $18 million to the family of an Oregon man who was run over by a Greyhound bus. The bus driver was “exhausted and agitated from overwork” at the time of the tragedy, according to the text of the lawsuit.
  • Bus accidents can bring injury and death to the most vulnerable members of our society: An especially troubling statistic shows that school bus crashes alone kill over 100 people each year, many of them children.

Reconstructing a bus accident to determine who is liable

One of the challenges of being a bus accident lawyer is reconstructing the events that led to the accident. That’s why we work with leading private investigators, medical providers, and transportation experts to uncover the truth.

Quite often, our Long Beach bus accident lawyers find that multiple parties played a role in causing the victim’s suffering. For example, sometimes, driver fatigue is exacerbated by poorly planned routes, slipshod vehicle maintenance, and unmarked construction zones.

Getting you the compensation you deserve means investigating all of the potential causes of your injuries. This is the only way our clients can receive the care they need. It’s also the only way we can help to prevent future bus accidents from occurring.

California law sets strict statutes of limitation on the amount of time you have in which to file a claim. So contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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