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Compton Wrongful Death Lawyers

Nothing prepares you for the sudden loss of a loved one, but your grief is compounded if you discover that their death occurred due to someone else’s reckless or negligent actions.

The dedicated Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers at Salamati Law fight for your rights and that of your family, protecting the memory of your loved one by holding those responsible accountable.

Wrongful Death

Causes of wrongful death run the gamut. Many involve motor vehicle accidents, but other frequent reasons for wrongful death include:

Every wrongful death involves a set of unique circumstances. The bottom line is that a court must find that a reasonable person, a business, a government agency, an organization, or another entity, should have acted more responsibly.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If your loved one had not died as a result of the reckless, negligent, or an intentional act causing their demise– they could have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the relevant parties. Because this act did result in their death, family members must pursue justice for their loved ones and themselves.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in California depends on the decedent’s surviving family members. If they left behind a spouse, domestic partner, or children, these people have priority. If the decedent did not have these survivors, other family members could file the lawsuit, according to the state’s laws of intestate succession. That may include parents, siblings, and those who can prove they were financially dependent on the decedent, such as stepchildren.

All wrongful death lawsuits require filing within two years, under California’s statute of limitations. If the death involved any government agency, a claim requires filing within six months. That is one reason why contacting a lawyer promptly after your loved one’s death is imperative. An investigation should begin immediately– as evidence may prove harder to collect when too much time passes.

Wrongful Death Damages

If your family member had survived their injuries, they might have received compensation for pain and suffering. While this is not available in a wrongful death lawsuit, family members may receive damages for:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical expenses for the final injury or illness
  • Lost income
  • Potential lost income
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of companionship

Contact our team of Compton Wrongful Death Lawyers

This is a terrible and emotional time for you and seeking legal counsel may not seem like a priority. As difficult as it is, taking such action is vital. A compassionate personal injury attorney at Salamati Law will evaluate your case and let you know whether the circumstances involve recklessness, negligence, or deliberate acts– all required under California’s wrongful death statutes.

Schedule a free consultation by calling or texting 24/7 or contacting us online. The majority of cases are settled, but we do not hesitate to take a case to court when necessary. There is never a fee unless we win. Hablamos Español.

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We are committed to negotiate your case aggressively, strategically and creatively. Personal injury lawsuits are retained on a contingency fee agreement, and plaintiffs will pay no legal fees unless the firm is able to recover damages on your behalf.

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