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Los Angeles FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

The growth of online commerce has led to a parallel increase in the number of trucks that deliver goods. Unfortunately, that growing number of FedEx, UPS, and Amazon delivery trucks has led to an increasing number of delivery truck accidents. 

Southern California residents who suffer serious losses in accidents will have a better opportunity to recover the largest possible damages award when they retain a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer. At Salamati Law, we represent victims in lawsuits and negotiations with liability insurers.

A FedEx truck accident lawyer will unravel the relationship between the shipping company and the employees or contractors that drive FedEx– and other branded trucks. We will pursue the party or parties that bear primary responsibility for damages.

Will FedEx Be Liable for a Delivery Truck Driver’s Negligence?

After a FedEx accident, an experienced delivery truck accident lawyer will examine the relationship between the driver and the company. FedEx uses direct employees and contractors. They operate the thousands of 18-wheeler semis that deliver packages across state lines and the box vans that bring those packages to a consumer’s doorstep. In both cases, the driver’s negligence will be imputed back to FedEx if they were engaged in the primary functions of their job when the accident happened.

The company might try to shield itself from liability by stressing the driver’s status as an independent contractor. FedEx and other delivery companies have segmented their businesses among separate operating companies. Through this, they might try to limit liability to one of those companies. A FedEx truck accident attorney will fight those claims.

They will do this by demonstrating how FedEx and other delivery companies dictate strict schedules that their independent contractors are obligated to follow. In addition, FedEx and other companies still control or coordinate the operations of subsidiary companies.  

What are the most common causes of delivery truck accidents?

An accident with a FedEx truck is most likely to be caused by:

  • Driver fatigue, when companies push their employees and contractors to meet unrealistic schedules and delivery volumes
  • Driver error, when they violate traffic laws, get distracted, or drive for more hours than allowed by federal and state laws
  • Mechanical failures, when trucks are not properly serviced or maintained or are carrying loads beyond their rated capacities

The majority of delivery truck drivers are professionals who have superb driving skills and abilities. However, a small minority of them have extensive records of accidents and traffic violations. If a FedEx truck accident is caused by an unqualified driver, a lawyer can sue them for negligence. The lawyer may also file claims of negligent hiring and negligent employee retention directly against the delivery company.

What Injuries Are Typical in Delivery Truck Accidents?

The size and momentum of large delivery trucks can cause serious injuries to occupants of smaller vehicles in truck-car collisions, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Spine and nerve damages
  • Contusions and severe cuts and abrasions
  • Internal organ injuries

Even if an accident victim feels that they have not suffered serious injuries in a FedEx truck accident, they should still have a thorough medical exam. They should also promptly retain an experienced accident lawyer to analyze the accident. California requires victims to file lawsuits within two years.

Call Salamati Law in Los Angeles After You Have Suffered Injuries in a FedEx Delivery Truck Accident

Please see our website or call the Los Angeles offices of Salamati Law for a complimentary and no-obligation consultation with one of our FedEx truck accident lawyers. We have a thorough understanding of the dynamics and interparty relationships in the delivery truck industry. We will fight tirelessly to recover the full measure of compensation that you deserve.

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