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What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Los Angeles

It’s essential to seek medical attention after a slip and fall accident. Taking this step as soon as possible protects your health and protects your case from allegations that you further compounded your injuries by not seeing a doctor. You should also report the accident, get contact information from witnesses, and speak to an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer at Salamati Law.

Our firm has handled personal injury cases for 28 years, and we are eager to help. We know that emotions run high in the immediate aftermath of an accident, and it may be hard to think clearly. Here are a few simple recommendations for what to do after a fall to improve your opportunity to recover damages and compensate you for injuries. In the meantime, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Steps to Take After a Fall

The key to winning your lawsuit is to show that the negligent party created or knew about a dangerous condition that caused your accident. Collect as much evidence at the scene of your slip and fall accident, or ask someone to help. The sooner you act, the better your chances of receiving fair and reasonable compensation to cover your damages. In addition, you should do the following:

Report your accident

Call 911 and explain the situation to the dispatcher. If you are injured, the dispatcher will send an ambulance and paramedics to tend to your injuries. The police will also be dispatched to create an accident report. Describe the accident as accurately and with as much detail as possible. Do not admit fault. If you are in a retail store, restaurant, or other commercial location open to the public, speak with a manager and ask them to file a report on the accident.

Document your injuries and the accident scene

Inspect the scene and take photos of your injuries. Notate dangerous circumstances, e.g., water puddles, broken or uneven pavement, debris, or weather and lighting conditions. Also, write down or record a voice memo about how the fall occurred. Ask a friend or colleague for help if your injuries make it difficult or impossible to do this on your own. No detail is too small.

Gather eyewitness contact information

Write down the full names and contact information of people who saw your fall or reported the hazard. Ask for multiple forms of contact, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Preserve evidence

If possible, keep the footwear or clothing you wore at the time of the accident. Keep all medical records and financial documents related to your treatment. Examples include paystubs, proof of missing work, and late payments due to reduced or lost income. Finally, request a copy of the police report. These and other types of evidence play a critical role in your ability to prove negligence.

Seek medical attention

Even if you feel fine, seek medical attention. An immediate trip to the hospital can ensure you get the care you need, especially if you have a concussion or a soft tissue injury; both have delayed onset symptoms. Having documentation of a doctor’s visit can support your compensation claim. In addition, follow all recommendations that your doctor makes while you recuperate. The negligent party that caused your accident could argue that your failure to follow a physician’s recommendations is proof that your injuries are insignificant.

Contact a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney

If you’ve been seriously injured, it’s wise to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. For example, it’s important not to sign anything at the scene. A document prepared by a negligent party might include language that absolves it from responsibility for your injuries or that otherwise limits or shifts its blame. Your attorney should review all documents you are asked to sign to verify that you are not waiving any of your rights to recover the full amount of damages you are owed. 

Remember that California sets a deadline of two years after a slip and fall accident for you to sue a negligent party to recover damages for your injuries.  Although there are limited exceptions to this deadline, if you fail to initiate your lawsuit within the two-year limit, you risk having your case dismissed with no chance of recovery.

Common Unsafe Conditions that Lead to Slip and Falls

A yellow caution sign in the entryway of a building with water on the floor

Slip and fall cases usually involve unsafe conditions on private or commercial property. Examples include the following:

  • Wet or greasy floors
  • Uneven flooring or cracks
  • Loose carpeting or floorboards
  • Debris in areas with high foot traffic
  • Poor lighting or lack of handrails on stairs
  • Snow and ice on steps in the winter
  • No signage marking hazardous areas

The property owner may be liable for any injuries resulting from these and other unsafe conditions. Other potentially responsible persons include janitorial services, construction companies, property managers, and other professionals contracted to ensure your safety.

How Salamati Law Firm Can Help

Century City skyline in California during the day

Since 1995, The Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles has represented injured clients to recover the compensation they deserve when someone else’s negligence has harmed them. Contact personal injury attorney Sean Salamati after your slip and fall accident in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California.

You will take a decisive step toward securing your right to collect the largest damages award available for your injuries and lost income. All initial consultations are free, and since we work on a contingency basis, there are no upfront legal fees.

More tips on what to do after sustaining a slip, trip or fall injury:

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