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How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclers riding down a wooded highway.

For motorcyclists, knowing how to avoid common accidents can be a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, drivers often do not see motorcyclists or realize how vulnerable they are, so it is up to riders to protect themselves as much as possible.  

Many motorcycle accident injuries are severe, causing long-term or permanent disability. A motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles at Salamati Law protects your rights while holding the party responsible for the crash liable.

Protect Yourself

It is crucial to gear up every time you ride. Motorcyclists should wear full-faced Department of Transportation helmets whenever riding and bright clothing to increase visibility. Wear pants, sleeves, and gloves made of leather or another sturdy material.

Reckless driving puts many motorcyclists at risk. Never drink before riding your motorcycle, and do not speed. Do not ride in bad weather unless necessary.

Motorcycle safety courses are not just for newbies. Even experienced riders should take refresher courses. Many of these are available online and are easy to access.

Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Here are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in California and ways to avoid them:

  • Motorist failing to yield at an intersection–This usually occurs because the driver does not see the motorcyclist. Whenever you are riding, make sure drivers can see you and take extra care at intersections.
  • Roadway debris–A significant percentage of accidents are due to the cyclist running into roadway detritus. Always keep an eye out for obstacles and objects in the road, as well as potholes and other pavement defects.
  • Cars turning left at an intersection–This common accident is generally due to the driver not seeing the motorcycle. The rider has just a second to take evasive action before colliding with the vehicle.
  • Parked cars and opening doors–People getting out of parked cars on the street side are not thinking about motorcycles. They fling open their doors, and a motorcyclist gets clipped. When riding along streets with parked vehicles, always pay attention to people exiting their cars.
  • Lane changing–Many accidents result from drivers looking only for other cars before changing lanes and hitting a motorcyclist. Always remain aware of the driver’s blind spots. In California, lane-splitting by motorcyclists is legal, but can be dangerous.
  • Rear-end collisions–Tailgating or speeding drivers most often rear-end motorcycles at stop signs or traffic lights, but these accidents also happen in stop-and-go traffic. Tapping the brake lights as you begin to stop can catch a driver’s attention. So can moving to the part of the lane that best allows drivers to see you.

Contact a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a crash because of another motorist’s negligence or recklessness, contact Salamati Law and get the motorcycle accident settlement you deserve. If a family member was killed, we could discuss a wrongful death lawsuit.

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