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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

As a smaller vehicle on the road, motorcycles and their occupants risk severe damage and injuries in a crash. While motorcyclists are often blamed for traffic accidents, at Salamati Law, we fully realize that many of these crashes are not the cyclist’s fault.

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Statistics about Motorcycle Crashes

The Governors Highway Safety Association  reports on motorcycle fatalities both in California and across the nation:

  • In 2016 in California, 15.1 percent of all motor vehicle deaths were motorcyclists.
  • In 2016 nationwide, 25 percent of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes were impaired by alcohol.
  • Between 2013 and 2016 nationwide, the age group with the most motorcyclist fatalities were 40 and over.

What Causes These Crashes?

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles knows that there are several common causes of motorcycle accidents here in California, including the following:

  • Speeding: At higher rates of speed, drivers have less margin for error when it comes to avoiding an accident. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when another driver exceeds the posted speed limit due to the small size and lack of protection on a bike.
  • Lack of visibility: Despite the popularity of motorcycles here in Southern California, regular passenger vehicles are far more common. Drivers are trained to see other cars, but not necessarily a bike. This inability to see a cyclist can have serious consequences
  • Unsafe lane changes: Lane splitting is legal here in California. It helps reduce pollution and improve traffic flow, but it also makes it more challenging for drivers to check and monitor their blind spots before switching lanes. Some drivers fail to signal, while others do not realize that a motorcycle is in their path.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Intoxicated drivers experience slowed reaction times and impaired judgement.
  • Left turns: When you are making a left turn onto a road or at an intersection, you must yield to oncoming traffic. However, sometimes a motorcycle is temporarily hidden behind another vehicle, so the other driver does not see the bike until it is too late. Other drivers may dangerously attempt to beat the light and put the onus on cyclist to avoid a crash.
  • Doors opening into traffic: Because regular passenger vehicles are more common and easier to see, drivers and passengers are generally more aware of them before opening a door in a parked car. However, vehicle occupants may be less likely to spot a motorcycle and accidentally open their door into the bike’s immediate path.
  • Road hazards: Debris, potholes, and cracks in the pavement are more dangerous to cyclists and can quickly cause them to lose control of their bikes.

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Aggressively Pursuing Justice for over a Quarter of a Century

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries that can impact you and your family for months, years, or even decades to come. The right Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference for you. Since 1995, at Salamati Law, we have fought for justice on behalf of motorcycle crash victims. From the day our clients hire us until their case is resolved, we aggressively pursue maximum financial compensation on their behalf.

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