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Los Angeles Rear End Collision Lawyer

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Rear end automobile collisions frequently occur when the front vehicle is stationary or moving at a slow speed. The jarring effects on the body can be intense. Victims of such crashes are often caught completely off-guard by the impact and upsetting aftermath of such collisions, not to mention the potentially lasting injuries that can result. Los Angeles personal injury attorney Sean Salamati understands the trauma rear end crashes routinely cause and stands ready to pursue fair compensation for those harmed by the negligence of another driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear end car crashes represent the most commonly occurring type of vehicle collision, accounting for roughly 29 percent of all roadway incidents. Statistics suggest that nearly 8 out of 10 rear end impact crashes are the result of driver distraction. It really does only take a moment of misplaced focus to result in catastrophic harm. Making cell phone calls, typing text messages, adjusting the car stereo, eating, grooming and engaging in conversation with passengers can all lead to sufficient distraction to cause a collision.

Sadly, many Los Angeles-area rear end accidents are characterized by a failure of the at-fault vehicle to slow down prior to impact.

Rear end accidents can cause lasting damage

When some think of a rear end accident, the image of a minor fender bender at a stoplight comes to mind. However, rear end collisions can and regularly do produce life-altering injuries identical to those resulting from higher-speed impacts.

Common injuries suffered in rear end crashes include:

Injuries to the head and neck resulting from whiplash sustained in a rear end collision can be especially harmful, given their propensity to affect multiple areas of essential function. In severe cases of whiplash, victims may suffer permanent loss of motor skills and may even lose the ability to walk, speak or breathe properly. Because injuries of this nature are not always instantly apparent to victims and may begin to manifest themselves well after the accident event, it is important for those involved in rear end collisions to consult with an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible following the crash. Taking such action is the best way to maximize the likelihood of financial recovery for damages caused by the acts or omissions of another.

Rear end crash fault: Who is liable?

It is exceedingly common for rear end collisions to be ruled the fault of the driver of the following car. California traffic laws require all drivers to maintain sufficient distance from other cars and trucks in order to minimize the risk of such collisions. Failure to do so will boost the chances of blame being placed upon the rear vehicle operator. Once a crash occurs, law enforcement officials will closely examine the scene in order to assess fault and will take into consideration all contributing factors, including the possibility that a sudden stop, an illegal turn, a failure to utilize turn signals or some other type of infraction occurred.

Because each rear end collision case is different and always very fact-intensive, it is important for accident victims to take steps to gather and preserve as much evidence as possible so that fair compensation can be secured. Speaking to witnesses, taking photographs and retaining all medical treatment records are essential following a rear end accident.

Attorney Sean Salamati can help injury victims marshal all proof necessary to begin the process of settlement negotiations with insurance carriers and, if necessary, to initiate formal litigation.

Average settlement for rear end collision victims

Though the days and weeks following a serious rear end accident can be a time of frustration, pain and sometimes even panic, it is important for victims to know that the law does afford them the opportunity to seek justice. The good news is that many rear end accident disputes never reach the trial stage and are frequently resolved outside of court. However, should a settlement prove elusive, Los Angeles attorney Sean Salamati stands ready to bring impressive resources to bear on behalf of his clients. With an extensive network of medical experts, accident reconstruction professionals and legal support staff at the ready, he will leave no stone unturned when it comes to fighting for every available dollar of compensation.

Victims of rear end car crashes often accumulate substantial financial losses ranging from mounting medical bills, rehabilitation and therapy costs, lost wages and permanent reduction in earning capacity. Fortunately, plaintiffs in California have successfully been able to settle and litigate claims stemming from such events for amounts reaching well into the millions. Though every case is unique and it is impossible to predict the outcome in any given matter, with the help of a seasoned auto accident lawyer, victims of rear end collisions are often able to mount very strong arguments for significant financial recovery.

Aggressive advocacy for Los Angeles accident victims

It is impossible to overstate the upheaval and distress a serious automobile accident can cause not just for the victims themselves, but also for their entire families. When such a collision was caused by a negligent or distracted driver, the sense of injustice is all the more devastating. If you or someone you love has been injured in a California rear end collision, please know that you need not go it alone. The LA car accident attorneys at Salamati Law possesses the skills and experience required to secure financial recovery and accountability from the parties responsible for your suffering.

To schedule a no-obligation initial consultation and review of your case, contact the Salamati Law Firm at 888-259-4060.

Rear end collision injury resources

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