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Who Is Liable for a Bus Accident in California?

California is justifiably famous for its car culture, but a substantial number of residents regularly commute by bus. However, a rider’s risk of injury in an accident may be higher due to several factors. Moreover, multiple parties may be at fault when a bus is involved in an accident, and determining which party bears primary liability for a rider’s losses and injuries can be a daunting challenge.

If you have suffered injuries in a southern California bus accident, call our Los Angeles offices of Salamati Law. Schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorney. They can provide the guidance you need to recover the full amount of your damages.

What parties might be liable for California bus accident injuries?

Determining which parties are liable for bus accident property losses and injuries is a fact-specific inquiry. A personal injury lawyer will look at:

  • The kind of bus that was involved in the accident, for example, a city commuter bus, a tour bus, a school bus, some other private transportation, etc.
  • Each company that is responsible for operating and maintaining the bus.
  • Whether a government entity was responsible for operating the bus or deciding which bus routes are safe.
  • What other vehicles were involved in the accident, and whether the drivers of those vehicles bear any responsibility for the accident.
  • The bus driver’s employer, who is responsible for verifying the background and abilities of the drivers that it hires for its buses.
  • City or state road maintenance authorities, particularly if poorly maintained roads contributed to the accident.
  • Any companies that manufactured or modified the bus, particularly if the bus accident was caused by a mechanical failure.
  • School boards that are responsible for providing safe transportation.

Any one or more of these persons or entities might bear some liability.  

When should a party that was injured in a California bus accident contact a lawyer?

Residents of southern California who are hurt in a bus accident should contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as is possible. Under California law, an injured party must file a lawsuit to recover damages within two years. If the injured party intends to file a lawsuit against a city or county, they will need to file the claim within six months.

Given the complexity of bus accidents and the number of parties that might bear some liability, the individual will have a better opportunity to recover the largest available compensation by retaining an attorney rather than waiting to the last minute.

Will an insurance company pay damages for bus accident injuries?

Insurance companies will indemnify a commercial bus operator for a passenger’s injuries in the majority of cases. Those companies will likely attempt to settle a victim’s claims quickly and for far less than they may be worth. Insurance companies often contact individuals soon after an accident, but before the victim is aware of the full scope and extent of their property losses and injuries.

When you retain an experienced lawyer to pursue your claims, they will handle all discussions and negotiations with insurance companies. They will also verify that you are not settling your case unless the insurer provides the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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