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What Evidence Do I Need in a Bus Accident Lawsuit?

Bus accident lawsuits require much of the same evidence as other vehicle collision claims. In most cases, investigating a bus crash will center on identifying the at-fault party and documenting your damages. Collecting this evidence is vital for anyone pursuing a personal injury claim.

Because of the unique challenges that come with a bus accident, having the right attorney by your side is vital. Experience with these claims can mean the difference between obtaining the compensation you deserve and walking away with nothing. Discuss your options with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately after the crash. Before your initial consultation, review the following types of evidence that are used in a bus accident lawsuit.

Medical records

Most personal injury lawsuits begin and end with your medical records. After all, you are not entitled to compensation if you cannot prove you suffered damages in the crash. Your medical records are not enough on their own, however. You will need your doctor to testify regarding the severity of your injuries and the necessary medical treatment you underwent following the crash.

Your medical records can also help to paint a picture– for the jury- of the pain you experienced after the crash. Your doctor can testify as to the type and amount of pain management medication they prescribed to you. This can help your personal injury lawyer make the case that you require significant compensation for pain and suffering.


When it comes to proving liability in a bus accident case, photographic evidence can have a significant impact on a jury. For example, images of your vehicle after the crash can help them understand the severity of the impact. Additionally, photos of your injuries can help you establish how severe they were. Finally, images of the accident scene can help the jury visualize how the crash occurred.

Witness testimony

Much of the evidence offered at a bus accident trial comes directly from one of the parties. Juries typically weigh testimony from one party or the other against the interest they have in the outcome. For that reason, the testimony of independent third parties can be especially valuable. In cases where the parties differ on how the accident occurred, the word of an independent witness could sway the jury.

Accident reconstruction experts

Sometimes the word of a witness or photographic evidence is not enough to make your case. In cases involving complicated or severe collisions, it can be challenging to establish exactly how an accident occurred. In these cases, the use of an accident reconstruction expert could help your Los Angeles bus accident attorney establish liability.

Bus maintenance logs

Some bus accidents occur not from the negligence of the driver, but due to the failure of the bus company to keep the vehicle in proper working order. When a bus accident case turns on whether or not the owner failed to maintain the vehicle properly, maintenance logs can become persuasive evidence. These logs could show whether or not the bus company followed an appropriate schedule of repairing and maintaining the commercial vehicle.

Recorded data

In some cases, the strongest evidence comes from data recorded by the bus or the driver’s mobile device. Like airplanes, many buses come with black boxes that capture data for every aspect of the vehicle’s operations. This could include data about speed and brake use– among other things.

Data from the bus driver’s phone could also be useful. If they were using it at the time of the crash, the data recorded on the device could provide evidence that they were distracted– texting, sending an email, or even watching streaming video behind the wheel.

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