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Top 4 Causes of Truck Accidents in California

Image of a semi truck driving down a desert highway. California truck accident lawyers deal with some of the most devastating crash injuries possible. The sheer size and weight of large trucks puts others they share the road with in harm’s way if they are not driving carefully and responsibly. Truck drivers are four times more likely to survive and three times more likely to walk away from an accident unharmed compared to motor vehicle drivers. About a third of passenger vehicle occupants suffer severe, disabling injuries after colliding with a large truck.

Why Large Trucks Crash

According to the “Large Truck Crash Causation Study,” where the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assessed 120,000 crashes involving large trucks, top causes of truck accidents include:

1. Speeding

Speeding does not always mean “traveling above the posted speed limit.” Sometimes it simply means “traveling too fast for conditions” – be it weather, time of day, curves in the road, or traveling with hefty cargo. Among single-vehicle crashes with vehicle loss of control, “traveling too fast for conditions” accounted for 67 percent of single vehicle crashes and 57 percent of multiple vehicle crashes involving large trucks.

2. Driver Decision Factors

Driver decision factors, which caused 12,621 crashes, included:

  • Negotiating a curve or turn too fast
  • Following too closely to allow for reaction time
  • Illegal maneuvers
  • Misjudging others’ speed
  • Aggressive driving

3. Driver Recognition Factors

More than 6,000 crashes were related to “driver recognition factors,” such as:

4. Cargo Shifts

Proper cargo loading is a critical responsibility for large trucks and the trucking firm’s contractors. Cargo shifts caused roughly 11 percent of large truck accidents – particularly the ones where the trucks jack-knifed or tipped over on their sides. Large trucks are subject to laws mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that clearly indicate how cargo should be safely stowed, maximum weight limits, and when loads must be inspected. In these cases, more than one party can be held liable for failing to follow proper protocol. Truck drivers, trucking firms, shipping companies, trailer owners, faulty restraint manufacturers, and insurers can all be partly to blame for your injuries.

California Truck Accident Attorneys

As you can see, these large truck crashes are not merely “accidental.” Negligence on the part of large truck drivers often contributes to injuries among passenger vehicle occupants. We have access to a wide range of resources to help build a substantial case on your behalf. Company record logs, drug and alcohol screening results, delivery records, in-truck cameras and data recorders, eyewitness testimonies, crash investigators, reconstruction experts, and professional testimonies are all at our disposal. Serving Southern California since 2015, the Salamati Firm has earned a reputation for tough litigation with a long list of multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, particularly in the car accident arena. Contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer from the Salamati Firm for a free case evaluation and to discuss your full range of legal options.

Additional “Causes of Truck Accidents” Resources:

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  2. FMCSA, Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts,
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