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What is the Role of an Expert Witness in a Slip and Fall Case? 

Slip and fall expert witnesses can use their specialized knowledge to testify about what they believe happened in a slip and fall accident. For example, they could investigate the scene and any evidence in the case and give their testimony on who is liable. Therefore, expert testimony can be crucial in proving why and how you fell and were injured.  

If you’ve been hurt through the negligence of another party, contact us at The Salamati Law Firm to speak to a slip and fall attorney. We can provide an overview of accident liability and explain when expert testimony is needed to bring a successful legal claim. We are results-oriented personal injury attorneys eager to pursue civil actions arising from negligence and look forward to hearing from you.  

What Kind of Experts Will Testify? 

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An architect or building code expert could also analyze the physical circumstances of the property where your accident occurred. They will show how the builder’s, owner’s, or manager’s negligence in designing or maintaining the premises resulted in your injury.  

The expert can also examine photographs, building plans, and public records to consider the following: 

  • Where and how you fell 
  • Defects in building design  
  • Structural defects at the premises 
  • Maintenance failures at the premises 
  • Building code violations at the premises  
  • Failure to warn of dangerous conditions 

They will also consider how a defect at the premises contributed to your accident. The expert’s testimony is essential to show that you slipped and fell because of the defendant’s negligence in building or maintaining the premises.  

In some types of slip and fall cases, the injured person claims that negligence caused them to fall and injure themselves. However, the owner may dispute this and assert that the maintenance, design, and construction were not negligent. Consequently, the role of the expert, presented by a slip and fall lawyer, is important. In addition, an expert can testify whether there were illegal conditions on the premises where you fell.  

What Other Experts Will Testify? 

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Your slip and fall attorney may also engage an accident reconstructionist. This type of expert helps prove scientifically how the accident happened. They are typically engineers and scientists. These experts are key because a slip and fall can often result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Proving a TBI usually requires additional expert testimony from a medical professional and a rehabilitation provider to establish the following: 

  1. The permanent nature of your traumatic injuries 
  1. The suffering caused by your traumatic brain injuries 
  1. How your traumatic brain injuries will impact your life  

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Since 1995, we have successfully taken on some of the most complex, challenging personal injury cases with excellent outcomes. Our veteran lawyers are no stranger to multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts obtained in slip and fall lawsuits. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us today to schedule a free consultation; there is no obligation to hire us afterward. And since we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay attorney’s fees unless we win compensation for your injuries.  

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