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Personal Injury Checklist – Meeting With a Lawyer For The First Time

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If you are considering filing a personal injury claim in Los Angeles, CA, it is likely because you or a loved one has suffered an accident that has caused a bit of chaos in your life. The truth is the entire litigation or insurance claim process can seem like a whirlwind but you need to be able to present your claims in an organized way in order to receive compensation. Follow this checklist to be sure you bring the information your attorney will need to evaluate your claim.

Information to bring to your lawyer

Your attorney will have a much clearer picture of your injury and strength of your case if you bring detailed information about your accident and treatment. Helpful information includes:

  • Details of the incident itself, including date, address, and any photos
  • Names and contact information of first responders, including investigating officers
  • Names and addresses of other people involved in the accident
  • Names and addresses of witnesses
  • Names and contact information of insurance adjusters with whom you spoke about the accident
  • Name and other identifying information of the ambulance if you were transported
  • Identifying information of the hospital where you received treatment, along with dates of admission
  • Names and contact information of any medical professionals who examined or treated you, including physicians at the hospital or chiropractors seen after the accident
  • Dates of any missed days of work
  • Names and contact information of anyone with whom you discussed your injury

Documents to gather before meeting with your lawyer

Personal injury claims are paper-intensive. You can simplify the process by assembling these helpful documents before your first appointment:

  • Formal reports, including any police report or, if the injury occurred on a company’s property, a business incident report
  • Copies of any discharge papers from the hospital or evaluation summaries from any medical professionals seen
  • Any written statements related to the accident
  • Copies of any correspondence with your insurance company related to the accident
  • Any relevant insurance policies, including auto insurance in the case of an auto accident and homeowner’s or renter’s policy if the accident happened at home
  • Documentation of medical insurance or disability coverage
  • Receipts for treatment including bills for ambulance, emergency room, rehabilitation, medical equipment, and medications
  • Proof of lost income
  • Receipts or estimates to repair property damaged by the incident

Scheduled a free consultation with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation. When you schedule an introductory appointment with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, you have the opportunity to make sure the lawyer is a good fit for you. This is the time for you to ask questions and request references from former clients.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident in the Los Angeles, CA area, call the Salamati Law Firm for a no-cost consultation. For over a decade, we have advocated for the rights of personal injury victims in Southern California and established a successful track record.

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