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Do I Have to Wear a Helmet to Ride a Motorcycle in California?

According to state law, you must wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle in California. It applies to everyone. Helmet laws are in place for a reason. Research shows that a helmet can dramatically reduce the odds of a severe injury following a motorcycle crash. Head trauma is one of the most common causes of fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents, but helmet use could reduce the risk of these outcomes.

All riders must ride a helmet

In some states, helmet laws only apply to younger riders. It is not uncommon for motorcyclists in these jurisdictions to not wear a helmet if they are over 21. Other states have no helmet requirements at all. This is not the approach California has taken. In California, every driver is required to wear a helmet when they are on a motorcycle. It applies to the driver and their passengers as well. This is one of the broadest helmet laws in the nation. Moreover, it also extends to any motorized bicycle as well.

What are the guidelines for a motorcycle helmet

In California, you are only in compliance with the law if you meet certain qualifications, which include:

  • The helmet straps are fastened
  • The helmet fits securely onto your head
  • There is no lateral or vertical movement after the helmet is fastened

Helmets must also meet specific standards to qualify. The police will not evaluate every single helmet to ensure their safety. Instead, particular brands and types of helmets must be approved by the federal government to qualify.

Talk to an attorney about your motorcycle accident

Despite helmet laws, serious injuries can still happen in motorcycle accidents. However, if your accident resulted from the negligence of another party, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer might be able to help.

Our team at Salamati Law can help you pursue legal action if you’ve been hurt. Even wearing a helmet, your accident could still have serious physical, financial, and emotional consequences. If you are ready to pursue financial compensation for your injuries, we are here to help. Before you attempt to take on your case alone, reach out to Salamati Law as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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