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3 Things to Check If Your Motorcycle Won’t Start

Motorcyclists look forward to their ride. So there’s nothing worse than going out, all set for a wonderful Southern California weekend…and finding out that your motorcycle won’t start. Zip. Na-Da.

What do you do? There are multiple things that will stop a motorcycle from starting. Check some simple ones first. In many cases the issue can be fixed simply and safely.

Here are the three things to check first.

The fuel level is too low

Yes. Check the fuel level before you do anything. Unfortunately, motorcycle mechanics see people come in bewildered that their motorcycle won’t start all the time…only to find out that they’re almost out of gas.

It could be that it’s been several months since you last rode, so you simply didn’t remember that the gauge was low. It could be that you have teenagers around who took the motorcycle for an unscheduled spin, and neglected to tell you about it.

It needs to be started in a different way

Motorcycles are definitely not all one size fits all when it comes to how they start. Some are designed not to start until the bike is in neutral. Some require drivers to always have the clutch in. Especially if you are riding a new motorcycle or have not acquired complete familiarity with it, you may simply be missing one of the essential steps to starting your model.

With the rise of computerization, starting it is an increasingly complex task. It’s a good idea to get out the manual and go step by step through the instructions for starting. Make sure a step that is not obvious wasn’t skipped along the way.

The battery is dead

If batteries aren’t used, they will slowly fade away. This is especially true if your battery is older or you haven’t ridden often.

One caution here: motorcycles are complex enough that it’s not always wise to simply jump start them as you would a car. It can be safer to take it into a shop and have the battery tested.

Plus, if you are going on a holiday or weekend ride, you want to make sure that the battery is strong enough to still be working when it’s time to come back. A new battery might be the safest bet.

Be safe – don’t tinker until it starts

Unless you are a skilled mechanic, never try to fix a motorcycle that doesn’t start. Fuel lines, sparks, combustion, and computerization make motorcycle repair a complex and even potentially dangerous process. Plus, even if you can get it to start, it may not be fully repaired if you don’t fully understand the issue.

Don’t risk your life and limb, or the lives and limbs of others, by trying to fix a motorcycle whose difficulty may need experienced motorcycle repair people to assess and fix.

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