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Motorcycle accidents might not be as common as collisions involving cars or trucks, but the outcome of these accidents is often far more devastating. Motorcycles offer their riders little to no protection from an impact, and riders thrown from their bikes face additional risks of injury. These risks are why these accidents have a higher fatality rate.

Not all motorcycle accidents result in fatal injuries. However, non-fatal injuries are common and can create a lifetime of physical or emotional challenges. If this has happened to you, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney from Salamati Law could help.

Mild traumatic brain injuries

A brain injury is a common cause of motorcycle fatalities, especially among riders who do not wear a helmet. The most severe is known as traumatic brain injury or TBI. There are different types, but each of them can be fatal.

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The most common and least severe is a concussion. It can have a variety of symptoms, including chronic headaches or memory loss. In many cases, the symptoms of this injury will not become apparent until weeks or months after an accident.

Severe brain trauma

Brain bruising or coup-contrecoup injuries are more serious than concussions. Individuals who survive the initial injury often face an array of serious health consequences, including personality changes.

Some riders dealing with severe brain trauma will lose consciousness and become comatose. Others can begin exhibiting signs of seizures, including involuntary body movement and dilated pupils. In some situations, this is fatal.

Other head injuries

Other head injuries could result in death outside of a TBI. Skull fractures are one of them. Cerebral edema is another– it occurs when fluid builds up around the brain following an accident. It can cause pressure on the brain that restricts the oxygen supply and causes death.

Spinal cord damage

Spinal cord damage could also lead to a fatal motorcycle accident. Riders who survive a spinal cord injury typically live with the consequences of it for years. It frequently results in paralysis, which is often permanent. Paralysis impacts life in countless ways– making it challenging to meet your own basic needs or otherwise care for yourself.

There are different ways spinal cord damage could occur in a motorcycle accident. One of the most common scenarios involves a rider being thrown from their bike in a collision and landing on their head or neck. This kind of pressure on the head can have a traumatic effect on the spinal cord.

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If you suffered non-fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to monetary compensation from the at-fault driver. The same is true if your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident by a negligent motorist. In either case, you need the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

At Salamati Law, we are ready to fight for your rights following a motorcycle accident. If you have questions about your options, we can answer them during your free private consultation. Contact us right away to get started.