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What Causes Aggression in Dogs?

Dealing with aggressive dogs can be traumatic. They can cause severe injuries to you or those you love. If you have suffered an injury from a dog bite, it may help to understand why the animal attacked you. However, the most crucial step in that process is talking with a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles from Salamati Law.

Types of dog aggression

Dog aggression can take different forms. Some common examples include:

  • Fear. One of the most common factors that can lead to aggression in dogs is fear. A fearful dog might exhibit signs of aggression if they feel cornered or believe they are in danger. It is best to approach unknown dogs carefully. Better yet, let them come to you or wait for their owner to provide you with guidance.
  • Illness. Some dogs are aggressive because they are unwell. Sick dogs can go into a fight-or-flight and lash out at you. This is especially common with injured dogs that are experiencing physical pain.
  • Possessiveness. Dogs are known for guarding resources, mainly food. They can become aggressive if they feel that you are too close to their toys, food bowl, or another object. This type of aggression can vary from one type of dog to another.
  • Dominance. Some dogs become aggressive as a show of dominance. Most of the time, it is focused on other dogs. However, some dogs will attempt to dominate humans too.
  • Frustration. As is the case with humans, dogs can also lash out when they become frustrated. Frustration can occur when a dog is restrained or kept in a cage for long periods.

Any of these factors can result in canine aggression. When it leads to a bite, the injuries can be substantial. If you have suffered bodily injuries due to a dog attack, let a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles help you pursue a claim for compensation.

Examples of aggressive behavior

Some signs of dog aggression like snapping and lunging are not difficult to spot. In other situations, it might not be easy to pick up on aggressive behavior in dogs. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Stiff or rigid stance
  • Guttural growls or barking
  • A quick succession of bites
  • Biting and refusing to let go
  • Snarling
  • Snapping at nearby individuals
  • Striking someone with their nose
  • Mouthing a person’s limb without applying pressure

It is essential to recognize the signs of an aggressive dog and take immediate steps to avoid any potential harm. Often, removing yourself from the vicinity of the animal is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Preventing aggressive behavior in dogs

There are several steps you could take to help contain or address your dog’s aggressive behavior, and they include:

  • Talking to a veterinarian. When dogs suddenly begin displaying aggressive behavior, it could be a sign of medical issues. Dogs living with a painful injury, blindness, or brain tumors could see their behavior change with medical care.
  • Seek professional help. Sometimes the best step to stop aggression is to seek out help from a professional dog trainer.
  • Avoid physical punishment. Lashing out in anger or hitting a dog could have the opposite intended effect and push them to become more aggressive.

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