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What is MedPay Coverage in California Car Accidents?

Medical Pay Benefits coverage, known as MedPay, is additional coverage attached to an individual’s automobile policy. In California, auto accident victims can use their MedPay insurance coverage to pay the medical bills and expenses that they incur for the treatment of their injuries. This coverage does not prevent you from filing a car accident lawsuit against a negligent driver. However, it ensures that those bills are covered while a lawsuit is pending.

Your medical bills will likely be only one part of the total damages you will suffer following a car accident. To recover the full measure of damages, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Salamati Law as soon as possible after your accident. We can help you with a California MedPay claim and represent you in a lawsuit to recover compensation for all of your injuries and property losses.

How does California MedPay insurance coverage work?

California auto insurance companies are obligated to offer policyholders a MedPay option with a limit of at least $1,000. Many drivers carry MedPay coverage with higher limits of between $10,000 and $100,000. When you suffer injuries in an accident, your MedPay policy will reimburse doctors and other medical care service providers directly for their services, regardless of who caused the accident.

MedPay coverage also applies regardless of the type and nature of the accident, including, for example:

  • High speed accidents
  • Accidents where the covered party is a pedestrian
  • Injuries incurred while in public transportation or a ride-sharing vehicle, including Uber or Lyft
  • Drunk driving collisions

How does MedPay coordinate with other insurance coverage?

Your health insurance coverage will likely reimburse at least a portion of your medical bills and expenses after an accident. You will remain obligated for all deductibles and copays, however. MedPay insurance will cover those excess expenses.

Further, drivers in California must carry at least $15,000 in liability insurance to pay for another party’s injuries when a driver causes an accident. As a result, the injured party often has to file a lawsuit to claim insurance coverage and any other reimbursement that may be available from liable parties.

Los Angeles car accident lawyer is an injured party’s best resource. Your attorney will help determine the different insurance coverage sources available to pay for all your damages and verify that the largest available portion of those damages is fully recovered.

Call a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

MedPay insurance is optional in California, but your MedPay premium may be as low as $10 per month for basic coverage. Without MedPay, you will be responsible for your car accident medical bills and expenses until you recover your damages from the at-fault party.

The personal injury attorneys in the Los Angeles offices of Salamati Law are available to answer all of your questions about MedPay and other insurance policies that may be available to reimburse your losses. We also offer complimentary consultations to all persons. Our fees will be paid entirely from the damages we recover for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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