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Why Are Los Angeles Bus Accidents so Dangerous?

From passengers to pedestrians to occupants of other vehicles, Los Angeles bus accidents are dangerous for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the sheer size of a bus can inflict much more damage than a passenger vehicle. Other reasons include:

  • Most passengers on a bus are not wearing a seatbelt
  • Many passengers are standing or walking around at the time of impact
  • Heavy items such as luggage are less likely to be secured in a bus can become projectiles
  • Buses are often overcrowded
  • Reduced visibility for bus drivers

Victims of these crashes need to find the right Los Angeles bus accident attorney in order to protect their rights and achieve justice. 

For a variety of reasons, including convenience, cost, and environmental concerns, thousands of people rely on buses for transportation every day in Southern California. However, while buses certainly have their advantages, Los Angeles MTA bus accidents present grave risks to everyone involved. 

A firm that has seen it all

The Los Angeles bus accident lawyers at Salamati Law have been here for 25 years to represent Southern Californians who are victims of these horrible and often life-changing crashes. We understand how your life and the lives of your loved ones can change forever in an instant due to a bus crash, and if this happens, you need the right Los Angeles personal injury attorney on your side. 

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Inherent dangers of a bus accident for its passengers

Most of us have been told from a young age how important it is to wear a seatbelt when driving or riding in a regular passenger vehicle, as seatbelts can help minimize one’s injuries in an accident. Unfortunately, seatbelts are not even offered on most buses, so bus passengers are much less protected in the case of an accident. 

Making matters even more dangerous for bus passengers is the fact that many passengers either choose to – or are forced to – stand while riding on the bus. Some may even be walking around looking for a seat or socializing at the time of impact. Naturally, standing or walking passengers are much less protected than seated passengers when it comes to becoming human projectiles in an accident. 

In such a large metropolitan area, it comes as no surprise that buses are often overcrowded, which can leave some passengers in an extra dangerous and vulnerable position when the accident occurs. 

A bus driver typically has much less visibility of their surroundings than the driver of a regular passenger vehicle. These increased blind spots make it more likely that the driver will make some sort of operating error, whether when changing lanes, turning in traffic, or merging onto a highway – and that error can put the lives of dozens of people in jeopardy.  

When someone is driving or riding in a regular passenger vehicle, it is relatively easy to securely place heavy items such as luggage either in the trunk or the back seat. However, the shelves for luggage on buses are not as secure and these items may become dangerous projectiles in the event of an accident. 

Increased dangers for pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles

With buses being so large and weighing so much, the amount of damage they can cause to pedestrians or other vehicles is amplified. The injuries to any pedestrians are likely to be severe, and other vehicles are more likely to be severely mangled in a collision with a bus. Buses are also more difficult to avoid at the last second due to their size, whether you are on a bicycle or driving a passenger car. 

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