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Who Can Be Held Liable For a School Bus Accident in Los Angeles?

Responsibility and liability for injuries in a Los Angeles school bus accident might fall on many parties, including the bus driver, the educational district served by the bus, or private contractors hired to operate or maintain the vehicle. It could also include the manufacturers or outfitters that built or modified the bus or third parties that caused it to crash.

If you or your child suffered injuries in a school bus accident, a knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorney is your best resource. We can help you determine where to look for reimbursement for your costs and expenses associated with injuries and property losses.

At Salamati Law, we have more than twenty years of experience sorting through liability issues in Los Angeles school bus accidents. We help injured accident victims to recover the largest available damages award from every party that bears some responsibility. Further, our experience has given us the expertise to understand the complex interactions that characterize school bus operations.

How do Los Angeles school bus lawyers establish which party is liable for damages?

Every school bus accident case presents a unique set of facts and circumstances that a lawyer will study carefully– to determine who caused it. Because school buses are responsible for transporting younger children, the resulting injuries are much greater than in automobile collisions. For example:

  • a child might slip and fall on wet or broken steps or aisles while entering or exiting a bus
  • seats that are poorly installed or maintained can exacerbate injuries in a crash
  • drivers who are overworked or untrained can expose school children to unsafe operating conditions
  • inattentive automobile drivers might ignore school bus stop laws and try to drive around a school bus, injuring children
  • school bus route planners might send buses along roads that are unsafe or populated with a dangerous amount of traffic that increases accident risks
  • school systems that hire drivers might fail to perform proper background checks

In every case, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney will study accident details and reports from several sources to put together an objective narrative about the accident and any resulting injuries. 

Why is it important to identify all parties that might be liable in a Los Angeles school bus accident?

The medical costs and expenses that an injured party incurs from even a minor accident can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. School bus drivers and operators generally carry insurance to reimburse an injured party. However, that insurance might be limited to specific incidents or kinds of injuries– and it might be capped at a dollar amount below the total damages.

If a third-party driver causes an accident, that driver might be underinsured or uninsured. A personal injury lawyer will look at all sources of compensation. This is necessary to recover the largest aggregate damages award for an injured victim.   

When should an injured Los Angeles school bus accident victim retain a personal injury lawyer?

In general, California accident victims must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years after the accident. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. That deadline is shorter, and the procedural rules are stricter, if the liable party is a municipality or other governmental body.

Given the number of parties that might be held liable, a victim will have a better opportunity to recover the largest available damages award if they retain representation as soon as is possible. An attorney will establish the facts and circumstances of the accident and identify all liable parties while the details are still fresh in witness memories.

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