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What Compensation Is Available for Los Angeles Bus Accident Victims?

Bus accident victims may be eligible for significant financial compensation to cover medical care, lost wages, funeral costs, and other expenses. Contact Salamati Law today to talk to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Making it right when things go wrong

Millions of Americans travel by bus each year. Most of the time, they reach their destinations safe and sound. But, when a bus ride ends in disaster, the consequences can include trauma, debilitating injuries, and significant financial losses.

If you’re suffering due to a bus company’s negligence, then it’s urgent for you to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer today. Quick action is essential for getting every penny of the compensation you deserve.

True-life stories of bus trips gone bad

To put this problem in perspective, let’s look at the human costs of commercial bus accidents:

  • Two women killed, others injured: In January 2016, a Greyhound bus driver veered off a rain-soaked highway, flipping the vehicle on its side with tragic results. An initial investigation indicated that driver fatigue played a role in the wreck.  
  • One passenger dead, 10 hurt: In September 2019, an MTA bus in Willowbrook plowed into four parked vehicles, causing a chain reaction that killed a bystander. Several passengers were sent to the hospital with injuries.
  • School children injured: In June 2019, a public school bus was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on the southbound 110 Freeway near University Park. Forty-seven people, including many students, were injured.

California law takes public transportation wrecks like these very seriously. That’s why our legal system makes it possible for accident victims to seek compensation for their suffering, injuries, and other losses, including:

  • The costs of medical care: Even if the bus company’s insurance firm agrees to pay a substantial portion of the bills.
  • Lost salary and wages: Due to time away from work and inability to practice a trade or profession.
  • Loss of consortium or companionship: This is devastating for accident victims and their loved ones.
  • Costs of funeral or other final expenses: If someone’s life is lost due to the accident.
  • Lifestyle changes: Such as losing the ability to enjoy a favorite hobby, play sports, or engage in exercise or recreational activities.
  • Home or personal vehicle modifications: These are needed to accommodate the injury victim’s accident-related physical challenges.
  •  Psychological pain and suffering: The accident victim may require professional counseling services or psychiatric care.
  • Wrongful death: State law recognizes the right of those affected by the decedent’s passing to pursue action against the liable parties.

Compensation amounts may vary depending on the facts of the case. However, plaintiffs in the past have received millions of dollars. In one 2016 verdict, the bus company was ordered to pay $26 million in damages to the victim’s family.

Common carriers such as buses are held to the highest standards for the safety and well-being of their passengers. By holding them accountable, you not only do the right thing for yourself, but you also help to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Why choosing the right Los Angeles bus accident lawyer is essential for your case

The substantial damages awarded in bus accident cases mean that transportation firms have a powerful economic incentive to deny responsibility. In some instances, this can lead to suppression of evidence, harassment of injured parties, and other actions.

Countering these kinds of tactics is one of the things that we do best at Salamati Law. Over the years, our skilled Los Angeles bus accident lawyers have recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients.

Contact us today at Salamati Law for a free consultation

California law sets strict limits on how long you have to seek compensation. Get in touch with our office today to get things started– we’re available 24/7.

Remember, we only collect our fees if you win your case. Consultations are free and confidential. Speak to a Los Angeles bus accident attorney so that you can begin rebuilding your life. 

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We are committed to negotiate your case aggressively, strategically and creatively. Personal injury lawsuits are retained on a contingency fee agreement, and plaintiffs will pay no legal fees unless the firm is able to recover damages on your behalf.

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