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Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Accident Lawyer

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Were you or a loved one hurt in a Greyhound bus crash? Chances are the bus company is in full denial mode, refusing to accept any responsibility. Los Angeles bus accident attorney Sean Salamati reminds bus passengers that they have every right to explore their legal options after a commercial bus injury and that negligent parties deserve to be held accountable. Call for a free case review today.

Serving nearly 4,000 destinations across the United States, Mexico and Canada, Greyhound buses have been in service for nearly 100 years, providing intercity and interstate travel to millions of Americans. While most people associate North America’s largest bus company with convenience and worry-free travel, an alarming number of Greyhound bus accidents have sparked concern.

In 2015, a deadly Greyhound bus crash outside of Los Angeles, CA killed two people and left 18 others with serious injuries. The 58-year-old driver admitted to authorities that he was fatigued at the time of the accident. Gary Bonslater told California Highway Patrol he remembered hitting a median, before the bus rolled over as it attempted to enter State Route 85 near San Jose. Two of the victims were ejected from the bus as it lost control on the slick highway, and five passengers suffered life-threatening harm. Authorities have since ruled out mechanical problems in the Greyhound crash, highlighting the dangers of driver fatigue — especially among operators of commercial, passenger-heavy vehicles.

Greyhound bus accident lawyer

If you or someone you love were harmed while riding a Greyhound bus, you have the right to sue for monetary compensation. Greyhound Lines, headquartered in Texas, has a well-funded legal team and employs the usual tactics to avoid responsibility for passenger injuries and losses.

When mechanical failure, fatigue or driver negligence is the cause of a crash that results in serious personal injury or death, Greyhound can be held liable for victim’s injuries, emotional suffering and economic damages. Because Greyhound and its insurance company have a history of minimizing or denying claims – even in crashes where fault has been established – it’s important to speak with a capable Los Angeles bus accident lawyer with a proven track record of success. Attorney Sean F. Salamati offers effective personal injury representation in Greyhound accident claims, helping his clients recover rightful compensation for their hospital bills, medical therapy, lost income, emotional anguish and other losses.

As a veteran litigator of commercial vehicle and bus accidents throughout Southern California, Sean Salamati understands the confusion, anxiety and stress faced by victims, many of whom incur life-threatening physical injuries. With this in mind, he always puts his clients’ need first, making himself available through every step of the legal process.

Greyhound driver fatigue rules not enforced

In a separate 2016 incident, a Greyhound bus veered off Highway 99 near Traver, California, hurtling through several barbed wire fences and smashing through a cotton bin, before finally coming to rest in a field. One frightened passenger told reporters she woke up to find herself and several others in mid-air, as bodies were thrown about the inside of the bus. Out of the 35 passengers that day, 14 were taken to the hospital, but officials say the Greyhound accident could have been much worse. Passengers escaped with injuries ranging from deep lacerations and bruises to abrasions and back pain. While investigations are still ongoing, some passengers claim the driver was eating at the time of the crash, and suddenly passed out due to a “medical condition.”

Greyhound touts that safety is the company’s number one priority, but a recent CNN investigation found that the bus line is not following its own rules that are designed to prevent driver fatigue. Known as G-40, the rule stipulates that bus drivers should stop every 150 miles, get out and inspect the vehicle, to help ward off fatigue. The rule encourages drivers to get fresh air, stretch their muscles and do some quick exercises, but a review shows that Greyhound doesn’t enforce this rule in some of its longer routes.

According to a recent lawsuit filed against Greyhound, the company doesn’t enforce G 40 because it would cost them money. The claim was brought by an 18-year old aspiring opera singer whose dreams were dashed when the Greyhound bus she was riding hit the back of a tractor trailer in 2013. The plaintiff suffered a brain injury, and even worse, may never be able to sing due to shattered vertebrae that damaged her voice box.

$27 million Greyhound bus accident verdict

Another passenger on a New York-bound Greyhound bus lost his leg in the 2013 accident and also filed suit. Jurors later handed down a $27 million dollar verdict, including a whopping $4 million in punitive damages. The panel determined that Greyhound demonstrated “reckless indifference to the safety” of passengers. Jurors also faulted the defendants for ambiguity in training and guidelines related to fatigue level and not enforcing their rules.

How Greyhound handles accident claims

Immediately following a bus accident, Greyhound officials may take advantage of panicked passengers, asking them to provide recorded statements and fill out documents for insurance adjustors. Passengers are asked to complete a “C4” card that details their recollection on how the accident occurred, and to describe any physical harm suffered. Any data that is deemed helpful for Greyhound in terms of denying responsibility will be used by their legal team.

Passengers are typically asked to provide recorded statements, answering pointed questions about the moments leading up to the crash and details surrounding their injuries. However, it’s wise to consult with an attorney before providing any sort of statement, which can be used to harm your case or reduce your settlement payout.

National statistics show that bus crashes are notorious for resulting in grave physical injury, and while newer buses are equipped with safety belts, such devices may not be sufficient to prevent passengers from suffering broken bones, traumatic brain injury, concussions, whiplash and damage to internal organs.

Bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles

For a solid chance at winning a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim against Greyhound Lines, you need the resources and negotiating skills of a dedicated attorney. California imposes time limits on seeking legal action in personal injury actions. Don’t forfeit your right to compensation, contact Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Sean Salamati for a free case review. Call today to speak with a client-first attorney who gets results in complex cases.

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