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Hawthorne Personal Injury Lawyer

There are few things that can turn your life upside down like a serious physical injury. From your career to your private life, an injury can complicate things now and in the future. Thankfully, a personal injury lawsuit could provide you with the financial means to support yourself during your recovery.

The team at Salamati Law is here to advocate for you and seek justice for your serious injuries when someone else’s negligence is to blame. A Hawthorne personal injury attorney from our firm can guide you through every phase of the litigation process. Before you consider a settlement offer or speak to the insurance company, let our firm advise you of your options. Call for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Establishing fault in your personal injury case

You are not entitled to monetary damages simply because you have been injured. To secure a monetary award, you must establish that another party was at fault. This requires proof of negligence. Your Hawthorne personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to build the evidence needed to make your case successful.

There are four parts to proving negligence, and your case will need each of them in order to be successful.

  1. First, you must show that you were owed a duty of care.
  2. Second, you should establish that the duty of care was violated.
  3. Third, your injuries must be related to the breached duty of care.
  4. Fourth, you must have sustained measurable damages due to your injuries.

A personal injury lawyer in Hawthorne will work relentlessly to develop evidence that meets all four elements of negligence. This evidence could include witness statements, dash camera footage, medical records, and accident scene photographs. This evidence could be crucial in securing the compensation you deserve.

Choose a personal injury lawyer Hawthorne CA locals rely on for all types of cases

You owe it to yourself and your family to work with a personal injury attorney Hawthorne CA residents have trusted with their cases for decades. Some common types of cases handled by Salamati Law include:

  • Slip and fall accidents. Slips, trips, and falls routinely lead to serious bodily injuries. If you have fallen on another person’s property, a slip and fall lawyer could help you pursue fair compensation.
  • Car accidents. Car accidents occur in different ways. Some common examples include head-on collisions, rollover accidents, and side-impact collisions. Each of these accidents has the potential to cause serious injuries.
  • Truck accidents. Truck accidents stand out against other types of vehicle collisions. The size of these commercial vehicles can lead to catastrophic injuries for the passengers in smaller vehicles.
  • Dog bites. Dog owners have the responsibility to manage their pets. When they fail to do so, they could be financially liable for the injuries their dogs cause.
  • Medical malpractice. Medical errors can lead to some of the most severe illnesses or injuries possible. Some examples of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or surgical errors.

Any of these cases could result in substantial financial compensation. If a loved one was fatally injured in an accident caused by the other party’s negligence, a wrongful death lawyer at our firm can help your family fight for justice. Let Salamati Law fight for the compensation you deserve.

No fee unless we win your case

Our firm operates on a contingency fee agreement basis. This type of agreement allows you to proceed with your personal injury case without the need for any upfront attorney fees.

The contingency fee agreement works in your favor in multiple ways. First, you can pursue your claim regardless of your financial position. You will not owe any attorney fees upfront, and you will never pay them out of pocket. Second, you only owe a fee if your case is successful. Your attorney will keep a percentage of what they collect on your behalf as part of their fee. That means if you don’t get paid, your attorney doesn’t either.

Personal Injury Attorney in Hawthorne, CA

Never assume you don’t have a viable case for compensation following a serious injury. Before you take any action, talk to a Hawthorne personal injury lawyer right away.

The attorneys of Salamati Law are ready to provide you guidance on your personal injury lawsuit. If you are ready to get started with your case, call right away for your free consultation.

No Obligation, No Fees Guaranteed, Unless We Win

We are committed to negotiate your case aggressively, strategically and creatively. Personal injury lawsuits are retained on a contingency fee agreement, and plaintiffs will pay no legal fees unless the firm is able to recover damages on your behalf.

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