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What is a Truck “Black Box” and How Can It Help My Case?

When most people think of a “black box,” it is in the context of a plane crash. It is worth noting that similar technology is also used with large commercial trucks. Like with airplanes, these devices can provide insight into why a truck crash happened. In many cases, the data provided by the black box might be able to explain if there were mechanical issues at the time of the crash. This data could be invaluable to your personal injury lawyer.

How the black box works

A black box is an informal name for a device known as an electronic data recorder (EDR). They are present within the vast majority of commercial trucks on the roadway. Most of them do not record data at all times. Typically, these devices are triggered when malfunctions arise within the vehicle. They can also be triggered when there is a sudden and unexpected change in the wheel speed. The purpose of these triggers is to capture data about the vehicle when an accident could be imminent.

The black box records a variety of data, starting with the speed the vehicle is traveling. It also records when either the accelerator or the brake is applied. If there is a crash, the black box records if the driver’s seat belt was buckled and the airbag deployed. It can even report if the data collection was completed or was suddenly cut off due to the accident. All of this information is stored and can be downloaded after an 18-wheeler accident.

What black box data means for your injury claim

A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer often relies on this data to understand how the crash happened and make the case that the truck driver was negligent. In addition, this data could reveal mechanical issues that could lead to a claim against the manufacturer. Further, the data collected by a black box is objective. It cannot be challenged in the same way that witness testimony could be, and most juries will give this more weight.

Sometimes the memory of the people involved in truck accident claims can fade over time. In other cases, witnesses may have their own biases or agendas that drive their testimony. This is never an issue with the data from a black box. As long as the black box is functioning properly, it can give a jury valuable insight into what happened during a crash. For example, it may show that the truck driver was speeding. It can also show that the truck operator failed to apply the brakes before colliding with another vehicle.

While this data is important, it does not tell the whole story. You will need the guidance of a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles. They can use this information to build a strong claim for negligence against the truck driver, the trucking company, or the manufacturer.

Finally, if you were involved in a truck crash, it is important that you secure the data from the black box as soon as possible. It is not stored forever, and many black boxes record over it in a matter of days or weeks. Your attorney will work to ensure that this data is available for your personal injury claim.

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