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How Long Will it Take To Resolve my Motorcycle Accident Case?

No attorney can give you an exact answer on how long it will take to resolve a motorcycle accident case. Every case is different, and unexpected factors could cause delays. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the team at Salamati Law can advise you on what to expect. While an exact answer on how long your case will take is not possible, our team relies on their experience and skill to give you the best estimate possible.

Common time frame for a motorcycle accident case

Some firm deadlines apply to an insurance claim or lawsuit following a motorcycle accident. These deadlines could play an essential part in determining how long it takes to resolve your case. When you file an insurance claim after an accident, California law requires the insurance company to respond to you within 40 days. However, there is some flexibility here, as the insurance company can request an extension from you or your lawyer.

There is another important deadline to be aware of—the statute of limitations. It is a firm deadline that you must abide by when filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to file your lawsuit on time, you could miss out on the right to secure compensation entirely.

Factors that could delay your case

Some personal injury cases will only last a few months. When everything goes smoothly, resolving them takes little more than thoughtful negotiation and the rapid execution of settlement documents.

Unfortunately, delays are common and could drag out your settlement for months or even years. While some delays cannot be helped, others are entirely avoidable with the right Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer by your side. Some common factors that could delay your case include:

  • Duration of your medical treatment. If you are dealing with ongoing medical care due to your injuries, it can be harmful to resolve your case too soon. You only have one chance to resolve your personal injury case and doing so before you know the full extent of your medical bills could leave you on the hook for unexpected future expenses.
  • Disputed liability. Disputes over liability can drag out your motorcycle accident case, while cases with undisputed liability are more likely to settle quickly.
  • Lack of insurance. When the responsible driver has insurance, these claims often go smoothly. That is rarely the case when dealing with an uninsured driver. That is because these drivers lack the assets needed to make a viable settlement offer.
  • Avoidable delay. Some cases become lost in the shuffle. It is the responsibility of your legal counsel to keep your case moving forward.
  • Insurance delay tactics. Many delays occur as the result of aggressive tactics from the insurance company. Insurance carriers understand that dragging out the process only hurts you, as they are entirely unaffected by you having to wait for your settlement. That’s why fighting back against insurance companies is so important.

Contact our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers to discuss your claim

If you have questions about how long your motorcycle accident case might take, an attorney from our office can answer them. While our team cannot promise you a quick resolution, we will work tirelessly to help you resolve your claim as soon as possible. To learn more, contact Salamati Law right away for a free consultation.

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