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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Have you been hurt in an accident, and now find yourself with more questions than answers? Are you facing steep medical bills for treatment of your injuries? Now might be the time to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to see if you are eligible to file a legal claim for money compensation. An experienced attorney who understands the nuances of personal injury law can provide crucial guidance as you work to get back on your feet. Consider the following factors as you determine whether you should speak with an attorney.

Did you sustain serious injuries?

If you were injured severely enough to require medical attention, or at least a medical evaluation, then you should consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer. Any incident that leads to medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or other types of losses could benefit from the attention of an attorney.

Bear in mind that injuries that seem minor at first might become more serious. Right after the incident, even if you don’t think you need legal advice, it’s still a good idea to avoid saying too much to the insurance carrier representative—and definitely avoid signing any paperwork right away.

Were your injuries someone else’s fault?

There are countless incidents that may be caused by third parties that could cause serious injuries. In personal injury law, these are typically as follows:

Individuals may also suffer harm in nursing home/elder abuse cases and medical malpractice cases.

In order to file a personal injury claim, there must be evidence that your injuries were caused by a negligent third party or by someone who intentionally harmed you. Even if you aren’t sure whether there’s any evidence to substantiate your claim, you can consult a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer can draw from his or her firm’s investigative resources to obtain and evaluate any evidence. Evidence may take the form of the following:

  • Police reports
  • Incident reports filed with establishments
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Surveillance footage
  • Medical records
  • Photographs of property damage or a car accident crash site
  • Torn clothing (such as from a dog attack)

One reason why it’s a good idea to consult a seasoned personal injury lawyer is that he or she will know how to uncover all possible evidence in a case and scrutinize it to assess its merits.

Are you having trouble with an insurance company?

Another reason to consult a personal injury lawyer is if the insurance company is refusing to offer you a fair settlement. Bear in mind that it’s not in the insurance company’s best interests to pay up. If you were in a car accident, the insurance carrier representative may try to claim that the accident was your fault. Under the rule of comparative negligence, if the accident is thought to be partially your fault, your settlement would be reduced proportionately. If the insurance company is trying to lay the blame on you, it’s definitely time to talk to an attorney.

A personal injury lawyer can also help you if the insurance company’s settlement offer isn’t sufficient to cover your losses. For instance, you may incur additional medical expenses after the settlement offer is made. An injury lawyer can increase the likelihood that you’ll receive fair compensation.

Where to go when you need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles

If you’ve been seriously injured, you need a personal injury lawyer you can count on to secure maximum compensation for your hospital expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The Salamati Law Firm provides vigorous legal advocacy for victims of all types of personal injury incidents. Sean Salamati and his team prioritize the needs of clients whose lives have been turned upside down by the negligence of others. Contact our law office today to request your free consultation!    

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We are committed to negotiate your case aggressively, strategically and creatively. Personal injury lawsuits are retained on a contingency fee agreement, and plaintiffs will pay no legal fees unless the firm is able to recover damages on your behalf.

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