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What Are the Most Common Hand Injuries After a Slip and Fall Accident?

The most common hand injuries include fractures of the hand, wrist, and fingers and sprains of the wrists and thumbs. These are serious injuries that may keep you out of work for a significant amount of time. What’s more, they can lead to lasting complications, such as nerve damage or even osteoarthritis. At Salamati Law, we work tirelessly to help injured victims in Southern California get every cent they are entitled to. Our personal injury team has a wealth of experience working on these types of accidents.

Fractured Wrist

When you trip on something and lose balance, your normal reaction is to throw out your hands in front of you to break your fall and protect your head. That’s why so many of these cases involve a fractured wrist. It’s a type of FOOSH (fall on outstretched hand) injury. A wrist fracture can be particularly painful, and you’re likely to find it challenging to go about your daily routine, especially if you’ve broken the wrist on your dominant hand.

The wrist is comprised of the two forearm bones, the radius and the ulna, as well as eight carpal bones. Any or all of them could potentially break in a fall. One of the most common types is a scaphoid fracture— a small carpal bone located at the base of the thumb. It plays a vital role in the stability and motion of the wrist joint. Due to its positioning, if it breaks, there is a good chance the end of the radius may also sustain a fracture.

A fractured wrist can lead to long-term complications, such as nerve damage, chronic pain or stiffness, permanent loss of function, and circulation problems. As noted above, patients can also have an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

Fractured Hands and Fingers

A person with a broken finger in a finger splint

At Salamati Law, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer frequently handles slip and fall cases involving fractured hands. Including the wrist, the human hand has 27 bones. In addition to the eight carpal bones, the hand contains 14 phalanges (finger bones) and five metacarpal bones (the bones in the middle of the hand, above the carpal bones). Any of these can sustain a fracture during a fall.

Quite often, when a metacarpal bone is broken, it is fractured in multiple places. In addition, there is a risk of improper healing, which can lead to chronic pain when making a fist. A broken finger can also lead to long-term complications.

Thumb Sprain

Woman massaging her injured hand and wrist

In contrast to a strain, which involves a muscle, a sprain is an injury that affects a ligament. The ligaments connect two bones together. A thumb sprain can occur when the ligaments supporting it become hyperextended, stretching beyond their capacity. Thumb sprains most commonly occur when individuals fall onto outstretched hands. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

Wrist Sprain

Doctor physically examining a person's injured wrist

As strong as the ligaments in the wrist are, they can easily become hyperextended and damaged during a fall. In severe cases, the ligament may be completely torn. This type of injury can be associated with another complication: an avulsion fracture. This occurs when the ligament takes a chip away from the bone as the ligament breaks. Some wrist sprains can be treated successfully with noninvasive treatments, while others require surgical intervention.

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