Slip & fall accidents in Norwalk can occur anywhere, from a grocery store to a private home. No matter the circumstances, the potential injuries from these accidents can be devastating. Experienced Norwalk slip and fall lawyers might be able to help by filing a lawsuit against the responsible person or company. To learn more, contact Salamati Law as soon as possible.

Common slip and fall accidents

Some of these falls are the fault of management or property owners– like a spill in an aisle of a grocery store that is not cleaned up promptly. Other falls relate to naturally dangerous circumstances where a landowner failed to fix or to warn others. For example, a property owner who fails to cover or mark an abandoned well on their property. They might face some liability, if a guest fell into the well, and suffered an injury. That’s the time to call Norwalk slip and fall lawyers

Some of the common causes of trip and fall injuries include:

  • Ice
  • Wet floors
  • Gravel or debris
  • Electrical cords
  • Broken step
  • Loose carpet
  • Uneven flooring

If you suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages. You may benefit from discussing your legal options with experienced slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles.

Duty of care

Every property owner in California owes a duty of care to any guests on their property. This duty requires the landowner to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. It should be mentioned that this duty only applies to people who are lawfully on the property of the landowner. While social guests and customers are owed a duty, trespassers generally are not.

Ultimately, a jury will determine if the steps a property owner has taken to secure the premises were reasonable, or if they should have done more. It is the role of a slip and fall attorney to show the jury the steps taken by the landlord were inadequate. 

No fee unless we are successful

The idea of hiring Norwalk slip and fall attorneys may seem daunting. If you were forced to miss work due to your injury, it is understandable if the thought of legal fees on top of your medical bills seems like more than you could handle. The good news is that at The Salamati Law Firm, we only get paid if we are successful in collecting damages in your case. There are no hidden fees, and we only collect our fee after your case has been settled and you have been paid.

We want you to find the right Los Angeles personal injury attorney for you. With our experienced team of attorneys ready to work tirelessly towards recovering the damages you deserve, we believe The Salamati Law Firm has the right attorneys for you.

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